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Remainder of Calendar Year 2015:  Labor Day (September 7th); Thanksgiving (November 21st); close at 6:00 PM Christmas Eve (December 24th);  and Christmas Day (December 25th)  


Important Information Regarding Alcoholic Beverages in North Carolina

If you drink ... do not drive.  If you drive.... do not drink.

Underage drinking is taken very seriously in New Hanover County.

North Carolina law requires a person to be at least 21 years of age to purchase, possess, or consume beverage alcohol.

It is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE to attempt to purchase beverage alcohol if under age 21.

It is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE to use a fake or altered identification document. Fake ID's are subject to be confiscated.

It is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE to aid, abeit, sell or give alcoholic beverages to anyone under age 21.

Alcoholic beverages will not be sold to anyone who appears to be underage or intoxicated.

An adult who attempts (or appears to attempt) to purchase alcoholic beverages for a minor will be refused service.

Return/Refund Policy - No returns or refunds are allowed after the product has left the store. 

Minors are not allowed in the ABC stores (except for adults with small children).


Last Reviewed: 09/01/2015

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